What is the purpose or reason for getting a wheel alignment?

Here are three good reasons:
Prolong tire life.
Make the vehicle track straight.
Make the vehicle more comfortable to drive.

Why should you take your vehicle to Can-Alignment for your alignment?  At Can-Alignment your alignment is set to your vehicle and the way it's driven.
All alignments are not the same, even on similar vehicles.  For example, we might have two identical Corvettes booked for an alignment on the same day. One driven by a 65 year old man and the other by 28 year old. There is a good chance that these two identical cars would be driven differently.  Many alignment shops just "set to spec" or "just toe & go". At Can-Alignment we talk to you about how you drive and then set your car up accordingly.

Other things for consideration are if you use your auto for what the manufacturer intended?  Do you still have tire wear after having an alignment done ? Do you tow a trailer?  Do you load your vehicle?  Do you drive country roads or highway? Is your vehicle lowered? Do you take it out to the track? All of these are just some possible situations that require a change of alignment settings. 

Corner Balancing

If your vehicle has a coil-over suspension system, then corner balancing is absolutely the next step. This inexpensive enhancement should be completed when you book your alignment. By weighing the four corners of the car, your vehicle's handling can be improved by ensuring that the car is properly balanced. At Can-alignment they will be happy to discuss your vehicle's needs and whether or not corner balancing is necessary for your driving style and vehicle. They can obtain a coil-over system for you if it is required.

A Skyline gets corner-balanced before
having it's alignment completed.

Scott's alignment experience ranges from daily drivers to exotics to full race preparation. You will see the Can-Alignment logo at many auto-slalom, time attack and oval course events.


Scott preparing a car on his laser alignment rack.
It's not unusual to have a caged race car or a hot rod on the hoist beside you.

It's quite possible you will see a
Dakar Rally truck getting set up
at Can-Alignment. If Scott can set up
this truck, think what he could
do for yours!

Here's a 1950 Ford that is beautiful and far from original. It has a 351 Windsor under the hood. The front clip is from a Monte Carlo. It just shines