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Jimmy H. writes:
Scott Murfin thank you for your knowledge and support when it comes to setting up a cars suspension. Without your magic corner balance and alignments I can't imagine what it would be like trying to put all this power down.
CSCS Unlimited FWD Champion

Chris B. writes:
Hey Scott,
I just wanted to take some time to thank you for your continued support this season. I really can't thank you enough for everything you did for us this season. You're alignments and setup advice have always been fantastic. I know that without you in our corner we wouldn't be wining the way that we have this year. Thanks again Scott
Chris Boersma - Boersma Racing CSCS SuperStreet FWD Champion

Nick S. writes:
"So I went to Can-Alignment to see Scott on Thursday. I made an appointment and when I got there I didn't have to wait an hour or two like some other places. Scott asked me what kind of driving I do and what kind of camber I was thinking of using. I told him I didn't need anything too aggressive, my main concern was even camber/ toe because I’m lowered 2.5”. I also told him the history behind my 10+ previous alignments, and also the history of all my suspension/ parts changes. It was nice not to feel rushed and I felt he actually listened to what I was saying.
  As soon as Scott hoisted my car, he noticed right away my sub-frame was not aligned, which would throw out all my other specs (front & back toe/ camber/ caster). Scott loosened a few bolts, shifted the sub-frame with a special hoist and some other tools, and then re-aligned everything from scratch. It took him about an hour and it didn't seem like he was rushing at any point. He took his time with the details and explained things as he was doing it. Other ‘reputable’ shops did not spot this problem.
  Over the last 5 years I have never had the car drive as straight as it does right now. I have always had a problem with the car pulling to one side, and it was really stressing me out. Countless repairs, parts, alignments, etc and it's finally straight because I finally went to the right shop!
  I was very pleased with the service at Can-Alignment and I would highly recommend the shop for any alignment needs. Scott is familiar with suspension dynamics and can also do corner balancing for the track guys. He will set up the car any way you like, but will still suggest settings depending on your driving style. This type of knowledge only comes from years of tracking and working on different types of cars.
  I will be visiting Scott for my next alignment!"

Carsten Geischen writes:
"Just got back from Can-Alignment a few hours ago, first time there, the other posts were spot on, awesome service.
Looking forward to testing out the newly aligned car at this weekend’s event ."

Ujjwal Verma, in response to how far away Scott's shop is, writes:
"the shortest distance to winning!"

Colene Allen, CASC Scrutineer, writes:
"I'm a semi-regular visitor to Scott's shop, and he's done a bit of work on my Toyota Echo for me (non-race related). Scott's been working on cages in the last year and a bit, and I supervised the built of the Monte Carlo for him." In fact, Scott's been building cages and cars since 2004.

Rob Hall writes:
Scott installed a full cage in my miata earlier this year. I'm very impressed - good work, good service, good advice, good price! Thanks Scott