If you have a Can-Alignment prepared car or truck, send your picture to and you may be featured in the gallery.

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Jim Kutschke on track at Mosport's Driver Development Track. Jim and his amazing Mazda RX7 have been long time customers of Scott's at Can-Alignment.


Katie Ewald driving a Nissan NX1600 through Mosport's turn five in 2010. Scott has sat in the instructor seat for both Katie and her dad, Frank.
Katie won the 2010 CASC-OR Touring 3 Time Attack Division Championship and was sixth overall. In addition to doing alignments, Can-Alignment has completed an extensive amount of work on the car - in the winter of 2011 Scott and Frank installed a new drivetrain in the NX.

Gary Wood's Mazda RX8 has been supercharged and naturally aspirated; Gary is another regular customer at Can-Alignment. Gary has also shared the car with Scott to participate in Ontario Time Attack events.

Lawrence Hacking is a familiar name to Off Road Race Canada fans. His Dakar Race Truck is aligned at Can-Alignment.

Street Cars Page 1 Track Cars & Trucks, 12, 11, 10  


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